At Funcional we produce and install integrated movable partitions systems for the office. With specialized means, we are investing in the development unique solutions with high performance, high reliability and refined aesthetics. Our systems have excellent thermal and acoustic capabilities. Their technical capabilities enable rapid assembly and configuration according to the organization's business needs. They are structured with aluminum profiles where we can install single or double glazing, interior blinds and trim panels in various materials (laminates, laminates, veneers ...), satisfying the demands of modern working environments.

The modular office cabinets is designed to be seamlessly integrated with the movable partitions systems. Used to optimize space management, ensuring the organization of each workplace.

Of utmost importance in corporate spaces of today, false ceilings provide a high thermal insulation and consequent reduction of energy consumption, lower noise levels, ensure the protection of infrastructure and fire safety. They are also an important aesthetic element. On Funcional, we apply metal ceilings, gypsum and mineral fiber.

We represent and apply a wide range of flooring, which allows us to find the best technical and decorative solution, adapted to the requirements of each project. Raised technical flooring, vinyl flooring, carpets and floating floors.


The blinds are the best solution for the control and protection from sunlight. Provide privacy and comfort to environments. Available templates both in technical materials and characteristics, as more decorative options, the shutters are a very important component of the architecture and interior design. We emphasize the main types of shutters for interior and exterior, we market and apply: roller blinds, pleated, vertical, Venetian, thermal and solar breezes.

Funcional represents and markets a wide range of office furniture, school, hospital and hotel. We have structured our proposals, looking for the best options for each project, ensuring the best budget and meeting delivery deadlines.

HPL (phenolic compact) is a high quality and durable material. Due to its waterproofing properties is ideal for use in humid environments. It is also a hygienically safe product against bacteria. Funcional develops its application in interior equipment such as partitions and doors of changing rooms, wall cladding and lockers.

We develop concepts for office interior, commerce, hotels and public spaces. We seek the best solutions in order to present a final quality project, framed in goals and customer expectations.